In this video, I share with you the benefits of the course as well as the concept behind it. You want to watch it in an efficient way? Here is the exact structure so that you can move at your own speed:

  • Introduction: 00:00 – 01:30
  • Description and benefits: 01:31 – 04:00
  • Detailed communication concept: 04:01 – 12:28

You’ll find below a summary of this information.


We all know this: actuaries deal with complex topics and master for this purpose their “actuarial language”. Their specialised knowledge represents a considerable value for an employer. In order to fully benefit from this value it is necessary that actuaries convey their results in a clear and comprehensible way to their communication partners.

The challenge often lies in the fact that the actuarial language is not understood by everyone. Therefore, an actuary needs to make sure that his/her language transmits the proper information to the decision-makers.

The course “Actuaries on Stage” aims at improving the communication skills of actuaries and risk managers. As a result, a reliable and sustainable connection with their business partners follows.

Among other things, the participants will learn to:
  • Communicate a clear and transparent message whether to a small group or in front of a large audience,
  • Make sure that they and their business partners have a common understanding of the message and of the actuarial terms,
  • Structure their results and their methods in a way that is easy to understand,
  • Use their voice in a healthy and stable way so that they keep the attention of the audience even for longer periods of time,
  • Understand how an optimal body posture both support their voice and at the same time give them more self-confidence,,
  • Get best-prepared for all aspects of a presentation,
  • Come across as credible, competent and constructive business partners.

The course can be offered for two days or simply for one day. During the two-day course specific aspects will be seen in more details while the one-day course is more like a sprint. Both versions allow for a practical approach as the participants will hold a presentation in front of the group using the gained knowledge. Feedback will be given to ensure that each participant can improve concrete elements.

Ideally the participants should have at least 3 years of experience within the actuarial and/or risk management fields. A maximum of 10 participants for each group is recommended in order to ensure that the objectives of the course are met.


If you have any questions concerning this course and/or do you wish a tailor-made offer for your team, you can reach me by phone or via the contact form. See (here).

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