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The letter „Q“ this month… I was really tempted to choose „quality“ over „quantity“ but I like to think outside the box. So, while looking in the dictionary (yes, that big book can inspire me!), I saw the word „quadruple“. It made me think of „quad“ (a four-rotation jump in figure skating) and then I switched the language for French, ending finally with the word QUATRE, which is the number 4 (four) in English. Do you still follow me? It doesn’t matter, keep on reading, trust me you’ll be fine.

When it was time to choose a name for my company, I wanted to have something with a number and/or with a mathematical twist. (In case you don’t know: I studied mathematics at university and worked many years as an actuary). After different versions, CG4 Coaching seemed perfect. The exponential 4 here refers to the 4 languages that I fluently speak. Additionally, when you read the name out loud in English, it sounds like „CG for Coaching“.

Notice that the logo gives the communication, collaboration and interaction touch with the two speaking bubbles turned towards each other to symbolize an exchange of words, ideas, thoughts and opinions. And this is what my work is about!

I admit that I hadn’t done any research at the time to know what the number 4 could mean. Well, I just did it for this CaroliNews. According to the Phytagorians, 4 was believed to a perfect number. It symbolizes a strong foundation as well as stability, order and completion of justice.

We use the number 4 in many aspects of our lives. As examples, we have:

– the 4 cardinal points (east, west, north, south),
– the 4 seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter),
– the 4 classical elements (fire, air, water, earth),
– the 4 phases of the moon,
– the 4 stages in the management method PDCA (Plan – Do – Check – Act).

I allow myself to come back to the word „quad“ that I mentioned in the first paragraph… that famous word in figure skating that describes a jump with four rotations. Thirty years ago only very few skaters (men) could execute a „quad“ (the quad toeloop) but now you need to perfectly execute at least 3 of them (and not only the toeloop) in your program to win a medal in a men’s competition at the world level. What an evolution! These guys rotate so fast that you get confused even when you watch the replay in slow motion. Was it 3… or 4 rotations?

Interestingly enough, researchers believe that it’s almost impossible to do a quintuple (5 rotations) jump in that discipline (keep in mind: spinning on one’s own axis and using only the leg muscles to jump) because the needed speed for the rotations is almost impossible to reach for the human body. Four rotations seem to be the maximum (for the time being…)! It quite fits with the notion of the „perfect number“ of the Phytagorians.

I’m reflecting on all that here: There may be one human species who can do more than four rotations on their own axis: the stressed manager! In Germany, you would recognize him or her quite easily because he/she would constantly say: „Ich bin dauernd am Rotieren“… literally translated by „I’m constantly rotating…“ ;-). If you recognize yourself here, make sure you don’t do more than four rotations as you may experience dizziness and a tough landing on top! If you recognize a colleague or a friend, give them the friendly advice that rotating less can be more efficient…

Inspiringly yours,

P.S.: My creativity with words seems limitless this month… this is due to the heat wave that we are currently having in Germany ;-).

P.P.S.: To make it clear: „Ich bin am Rotieren“ would be best translated by „I am running around in circles“ :-).