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* In case you haven’t seen my season’s greetings… it’s time to look at it here!

* In case you’ve seen it and wonder if it’s really me in the short sequence at 0:43 min., yes it is!

* And in case you wonder when the sequence was filmed… I can say that it was during 2018 :-)!

Because it’s still December when I write this… the letter „x“ is happy to be the letter of the month. For a mathematician, „x“ is the unknown variable. The one that can be solved with an equation, the one that can be the key to a problem.

Whether you like mathematics or not, the „x“ is also used in expressions like the „X-factor“; „X“ for that something extra or special that someone has, that sets her or him apart. „X-factor“ is even the name of a well-known casting show.

What was your „X-factor“ during 2018? You know the (maybe intangible) thing that helped you to realise the goals that you had set for yourself. What about those around you (staff, colleagues, partner, children, friends, etc.): could you see their „X-factor“?

Now looking at the next 365 days ahead… what is your „X-factor“ that is waiting to be discovered? You know the one that will help you to grow and achieve what you want. Also, observe the people around you during 2019… and help them discover their own „X-factor“… That can be the solution to one of their problems :-).

I’m looking forward to the new year with you! May it be the best one you and I have ever had!

Inspiringly yours,