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I can’t believe that we’ve now reached the last letter of the alphabet! If I would follow the Swedish alphabet, I could write for three further months as they also have the letters „å“, „ä“ and „ö“ ;-). One of my aunts thought it was a crazy idea to write every month about a word following the alphabet. In the end, she became a fan of my monthly creativity and inspiration!

I’ve been giving you lots of differents tools, ideas and impulses to solve problems or to improve specific situations in your life… whether at work or at home. I’m curious: how has the implementation been going? What has helped you most? Where do you still experience difficulties?

And with the letter „Z“, I come to the word ZOOM. I want to encourage you to play with the different perspectives that it offers: sometimes you have to ZOOM IN to look at the details and implement a solution there. Other times, you have to ZOOM OUT to understand that the source of the problem lies at a higher level.

In a society that praises specialisation, I believe we often have a strong tendency to ZOOM IN… to look at the small stuff… in the hope of finding something there. And we can get stuck in the details. How to ZOOM OUT then? In simply changing your perspective, as examples:

* You take a break
* You forget about the issue for a while
* You have a good night sleep
* You go out for a run
* You watch your favorite comedy show
* You call a friend to ask her/him to tell you a joke
* You hire help (e.g. a coach!)
* etc…

Once you have ZOOMED OUT, maybe you’ll later need to ZOOM IN again but at some other place. That’s where you’ll find both the problem and the solution.

Try it. Let me know how it goes!

I’m currently considering different formats for my future CaroliNews. I’d like to know which topics you’d like to read about! I appreciate your input, your thoughts and questions! THANK YOU! It will help me to serve you better in the future.

All the best to you!

Inspiringly yours,