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Coaching for me means
 “help to self-help”

I am here to help you develop your leadership skills so that you, your team and your organisation can grow and thrive. You and I develop strategies to achieve your goals and to adopt a winning mindset. Like a football trainer or a figure skating coach, I’ll cheer you up when you run on the field or execute your spins and jumps! I’ll also be there to reflect with you on the results that you obtain, making sure that you continue with what worked well and you adjust your approach for what should be improved in the next round.

“The only place
success comes before work
is in the dictionary”
– Vince Lombardi –
My Coaching Approach
Combined with the HBT (Human Balance Training) und the NOPRA FUN methods, I use goal-oriented tools to bring clarity and awareness to a situation and to work on practical solutions.
Our coaching sessions can be held in different settings:

 in your office

 in my office

 via Skype

 via phone

 or also as a combination

The basis for our collaboration

to give room to the process


to be able to discover new things


to dare to try new ways


to allow things to become easy