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Inspired Leadership. Thriving Business.

As role models, your leadership team lives up to the values that your company has, regardless if a manager is new in his/her role or if we are referring to a “veteran”. The positive influence that dedicated, motivated and healthy managers have on their employees is an indispensable condition for your organisation’s success.

While you surely agree with all these words above, you also know that the day-to-day work can look like this: tight meeting schedules, demanding clients, absent employees, slow procedures, fuzzy assignments of tasks, etc. A toolbox regarding expertise, know-how, soft and self-management skills combined with a strong network can rectify many of these situations.

How well a manager continues to focus on the key items, to rally his/her employees and at the same time to keep his sanity will decide on the level of his/her success. That why “Tackle your leadership!” aims high in fully supporting these role models.


Through practical exercises (individually and in small groups), you will learn the following (among other things):

  • To gain clarity about your own goals, those of your team and of your company,
  • To set up a concrete plan to reach these goals,
  • To recognize and make specific use of the resources and potential that your team has,
  • To enhance your communication skills,
  • To build a reliable and strong network,
  • To pay attention to oneself and, if necessary, to recognise and make the needed changes.

For new/future managers, I offer a 6-day standard program. For a group of more experienced managers, it is possible to choose from different 2-day seminars that can be adapted to actual and relevant issues for the participants.


To explore on the appropriate solution for your leadership team or your company, you are welcome to give me a call or use the contact form here.