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What other people say:
René Scholing

Somewhat different and definitely out of the ordinary– encouraging to look at things from a different perspective and to read between the lines when “acting” as an actuary.

Eva Johansson
PRI Pensionsgaranti

Your presentation was very innovative and your approach is very much needed for us (actuaries and risk managers).

Eberhard Müller
riskmueller Consulting GmbH
Founder & Director

This is the perspective that really makes the difference! Thank you for broadening my horizon. To look at communication from this angle is a fantastic enhancement for reaching one’s goals. In my view, it can help more than any regulatory framework.

André Wong
Head of actuarial function

An interesting and original presentation about different ways to communicate.

José Blanco
Chubb Limited
Chief Actuary & Finance Manager Switzerland

Caroline understands the communication challenges that an actuary faces. She has a refreshing kind to treat them and trigger interesting thoughts.

Actuarial and Risk Communication:
How to better interact with your business partners.

How well do you know how your business partners process information? Through practical interactions you learn how to tackle your next communication challenge so to avoid misunderstandings, conflicts and poor decisions. You acquire concrete tools for your day-to-day work.

My presentation held during the last International Congress of Actuaries can be watched here with your VICA code. You’ll also find an extract of it on YouTube by clicking on this link.

Further, you may want to learn more about “Actuaries on Stage”, a course on how to best connect with your audience.

Communication: a not-so-trivial art

Have you ever noticed that how you express yourself differs from how your colleague or neighbor does? Are you right and the other is not? Communication is an art that you can exercise and improve at so that you can achieve more understanding, openness and cooperation!

I invite you to watch my presentation here on the official Pecha Kucha* website . You’ll see the images and hear my voice (in German).

* PechaKucha is a presentation format in which 20 images each for 20 seconds are shown while the presenter speaks (overall: 6 min. and 40 sec.).

I’ll be pleased to address your audience

To establish a contact with your audience represents the perfect opportunity to share my experience. You are inspired to discover new things from different angles, you learn through active participation and you are motivated to apply these new impulses when you go back to your desk or daily routine.

Speaking topics encompass communication, leadership, corporate and risk cultures and strategy. Contact me here for a keynote at your next conference!

A one-page summary about me can be found here.