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28 feb: What will you remember from these Olympics?

I love to watch the olympic competitions. You might have guessed that my favorite discipline is figure skating and if you had the chance to watch some of the competitions, I’m sure you agree that we were spoiled with great performances. There are even some sports that we only get to see during the Olympics:

29 dec: What is your prize?

Only a few days left before we reach 2018… and the letter of the month is ”L”. A few weeks ago, I attended an event with a good friend at Hannover’s town hall where we all watched the live streaming of the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. The mayor was proud to mention that…

02 nov: If not a destination, then what?

While our friends in the Southern hemisphere are enjoying springtime… we had to change our clocks this weekend in Europe to ”normal time”, which is kind of a reminder that it is mid-autumn in the Northern hemisphere. And the stormy weather we had during the weekend confirmed it too!