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06 Dez: How do you select what you can believe?

„W“ is the letter of the month. We are coming to the end of the alphabet where the number of words is getting smaller… I chose the W-questions (or the WH-questions) or the open questions! Who, what, why, when, where, whose, which etc…. and I will even include „how“. Even if…

30 Okt: Hymn to a powerful instrument

So she taught me the piano and later on the flute (or the other way around, I can’t recall properly). Whatever… I just didn’t like to play these instruments! I wanted to play my own VOICE!!! Yes, the word of the month!

After a long break of music lessons… I started again with…

29 Jun: Can you do the math?

Oups! Soon we’ll have half of 2018 behind us… how have these last 6 months been for you? Do you need to adjust a few or many things?

For June, we have the letter “R” and I’ll get straight to the word of the month: RESPONSIBILITY. How does it resonate with you? Is it heavy or boring or sexy or fun or paralyzing or empowering or anything in-between these colorful options?

31 Mai: How fast do you rotate?

The letter „Q“ this month… I was really tempted to choose „quality“ over „quantity“ but I like to think outside the box. So, while looking in the dictionary (yes, that big book can inspire me!), I saw the word „quadruple“. It made me think of „quad“ (a four-rotation jump in figure skating) and then I switched the language for French, ending finally with the word QUATRE, which is the number 4 (four) in English. Do you still follow me? It doesn’t matter, keep on reading, trust me you’ll be fine.

30 Apr: What’s the best gift you can make today?

Still April… and a word starting with “P”… I admit that I had a long look in the dictionary to find the perfect inspiration. And it doesn’t turn out I will be writing about perfection because I would be under too much pressure ;-)!
PRESENCE is the word that I chose. What comes to your mind when you read that word? Maybe different things, like the radiance of a leader or of an actor on stage, or the fact of being physically in a room, or the fact of having one’s total attention to what’s going on in the moment.

30 Mrz: How do you set the tone?

Oh là là! A word starting with „O“ this month. And this one was really easy to find: ORCHESTER.

I like to use the ORCHESTER as a picture to describe a group of people who gather for a common goal, e.g.a company or an association or a family. Together, we interact to create something:

28 Feb: What will you remember from these Olympics?

I love to watch the olympic competitions. You might have guessed that my favorite discipline is figure skating and if you had the chance to watch some of the competitions, I’m sure you agree that we were spoiled with great performances. There are even some sports that we only get to see during the Olympics:

29 Dez: What is your prize?

Only a few days left before we reach 2018… and the letter of the month is „L“. A few weeks ago, I attended an event with a good friend at Hannover’s town hall where we all watched the live streaming of the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. The mayor was proud to mention that…