You will be amazed.
At your potential.

The WOW course has been designed for women who are aspiring to become leaders in their working field. The course will start in February 2017 and offers:
  • 6 full-day seminars (on Saturdays)
  • 5 telephone conference in-between the seminars
  • 4 coaching sessions with CG4 Coaching
  • a life-long network of like-minded women
An informational meeting took place on 6 December 2016 in Hanover. See Presentation-WOW-Course-2017 and Invitation-06-Dec-2016 (both in German). For registration, please use the Registration-Form-WOW-Course-2017 (also in German).
If you want further information, you are welcome to contact me directly or to subscribe to my newsletter.

How to best connect with your audience.

With increasing requirements especially from the regulatory side, actuaries are confronted with having to present their results, methods and assumptions to different stakeholders, e.g. regulators, boards, shareholders, clients, etc. These business partners may not necessarily understand the actuarial language.
During the course, the participants will learn to:
  • Communicate a clear and transparent message whether to a small group or in front of a large audience,
  • Make sure that they and their business partners have a common understanding of the message,
  • Structure their results and methods in a way that is easy to understand,
  • Use their voice in a healthy and stable way so that they keep the attention of the audience even for longer period of time,
  • Understand how an optimal body posture both support their voice and at the same time give them more self-confidence,
  • Get best-prepared for all aspects of a presentation,
  • Come across as a credible, competent and constructive business partner.